Hide and Seek by Mamta Sagar

Hide and Seek: 50 Selected Poems

Author: Mamta Sagar Translated by Chitra Pannikar with the author

Publisher: Kadalu  ISBN: 9781907219641, 200 pages  Format: Hardback

'Hide and Seek' is a collection of selected poems by Mamta Sagar, written over the last two decades. The book has poems in English with the source text in Kannada language. The nineties saw a vibrant juncture in the Indian socio-cultural context, that opened ways to new thoughts, new identities and enabled the voicing of resistance for many marginalised groups and communities. The dalit, women's movement and the movements of the marginalised marked the era. Mamta Sagar's poetic trail is nurtured with this background. Since then until now, Indian societies have seen transformations reiterating ideologies and political stances. These poems gather nuances of this period; narrate tales of love and affection, benevolence and blasphemy. They are the epitome of mystical and magical moments. Adding to this is a rich Kannada poetic tradition that gives immense strength to her poetry. Musicality intrinsic to Mamta's poetry has taken her poems into languages beyond oceans and terrain far from reach. In her poems cliched metaphors imbibe new meanings as the words sound, silence speaks, letters leap out of the pages to become a poem. Here everything is familiar, unambiguous and at the same time very personal. 'Hide and Seek' is a discovery of the hidden and sought from within and without.

Mamta Sagar, an Indian poet, translator and playwright writing in the Kannada language has three collections of poems, four plays, an anthology of column writing, a collection of essays in Kannada and English on gender, language, literature and culture and a book on Slovenian-Kannada Literature Interactions to her credit. She has translated poetry and prose into Kannada and English, collaborated with the translation activity in many Indian and foreign languages. She has presented poems at international poetry festivals including STRUGA in Macedonia, Poetry Africa in South Africa, Granada Poetry Festival in Nicaragua, Medelline International Poetry Festival in Colombia, Cuba, Serbia, Slovenia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. She was invited as 'Poet in Residence' to Belgrade, Serbia by AUROPOLIS, an Association of Multimedia Artists. She has conducted poetry workshops for underprivileged children in schools in South Africa and India. Mamta has curated poetry events in Bangalore and Hyderabad in collaboration with Alliance Francaise, Goethe Zentrum, Central Sahithya Academy, Rangashankara and is presently engaged with 'Kaavya Sanje/An Evening of Poetry', an event she curates in Bangalore. She has invited and organised poetry events in India for poets from Senegal, UK, Malta and Slovenia. She has participated in many Indian literary and poetry festivals. Her poems are translated into Indian and many foreign languages including Sinhalese, Vietnamese, Galician, Maltese, Spanish, French, Slovenian, Serbian, Macedonian, Estonian, Romanian, Chinese, Japanese, Cebuano, etc. and are published in those respective languages. She has collaborated and performed in 'Motherland', with artists N.Pushpamala (India), 'Emily Dickenson project' with Jannet and Jennifer (Australia), with poets Marjorie Evasco (Philippines) and Que Mai (Vietnam) and musicians Manja Ristic, Igor Stangliczky and Marko Jevtic (Belgrade). Her poems and interviews are showcased in the documentary 'Cultures of Resistance' by Lara Lee and in 'Los Chicos de Manana', a film by Spanish director Javier Monero from Spain. Dr. Mamta G Sagar teaches at the Centre for Kannada Studies, Bangalore University and lives in Bangalore.
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