Peak Platform Publishing






Kadalu imprint  titles include

Sicilian Defence by Alejandro Luque

'Hide and Seek: 50 selected poems' by Mamta Sagar

'Carvalho' by Purnachandra Tejasvi

'Monitor Lizard and other stories' by Purnachandra Tejasvi

'Gandhi: From Monu to Mahatma' by Bolwar Mahamad Kunhi

'Singarevva and the Palace' by Chandrasekhar Kambar

'Jokumaraswamy' and 'Sirisampige' by Chandrasekhar Kambar

Peakpublish imprint titles include

'Nowt to Do With My Wife': Country Tales from the North of England' by Frank Wilson

'Keep Folk Smiling Again: Houghton Weavers' Story

'A Catalan Dream:Football Artistry and Political Intrigue' by Tim Hanlon